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Although our small country is often in the international news because of the severe impacts of climate change on our land, one thing you may not realise is the resilience of our peoples.

As environmental change is increasingly impacting on jobs and subsistence living in Kiribati, we are trying more than ever to help our workers find opportunities abroad to earn money and bring back skills to our community.

For this reason Kiribati has been participating in the RSE scheme since its very inception, and we benefited greatly from the excellent working relations we have developed with approved employers in New Zealand. Our Ministry (Ministry of Labour and Human Resources Development (MLHRD)) is proud to manage the administration of seasonal worker program, and we have assembled a dedicated seasonal worker unit, who are provided with strong support from our senior management. Over nearly a decade of participation in the scheme we have developed the skills of our staff and our workers (most of whom are invited to return for several years) and we are ready to provide a skilled workforce to horticulture and viticulture industries in
New Zealand.

We recognise the challenges faced by employers – tight deadlines, managing staff from many countries and the like. So it is our goal to provide the best workers, prepare them well, and have them in New Zealand as quickly as possible ready to work.


To help make this a smooth process, we have:

  • Implemented stringent selection criteria based on needs of our employers
  • Begun delivering comprehensive pre-departure training our internationally accredited training institutes of Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) and Marine Training Centre (MTC), with a focus on core skills that our employers value – such as good communication, problem solving and English skills.
  • Established a clear operating procedures for how to deal with urgent matters, particularly through our dedicated RSE Liaison Officer based in New Zealand
  • Provide interest-free loans to cover workers airfares, so that workers are not incurring a growing debt while abroad.

As stated in our recently developed National Labour Migration Policy, we need to provide I-Kiribati with increased opportunities to migrate with dignity in response to climate change by accessing decent work opportunities abroad. This is critical for us to achieve our national sustainable development goals, reduce poverty and relieve pressure on the domestic labour market by identifying strategies to secure employment abroad, improving the linkage between training and overseas employment, and providing I-Kiribati with realistic options to work abroad.

We believe that the RSE scheme provides a win-win scenario for Kiribati and New-Zealand employers. As one of the world’s most remote countries, we struggle to provide jobs for our youthful workforce. By working with New Zealand employers, we can not only ensure experience and a source of remittances, but also help to support New Zealand’s world-renowned agricultural and viticulture industries.



Taare Aukitino

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